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A Little About Me

I am fortunate enough to have been given the gift of organization with acute attention to detail. I combined those two gifts with a burning passion to help others live their most functional lives.


At an early age, I discovered a passion for decluttering and organization. In my younger years I would spend my free time consistently finding new ways to make the most of my small space. 


For the last several years, I have been on my own journey seeking out a better quality of life for myself. Through my battle with mental health, I made a series of decisions to discover who I am to my core as my most authentic self.


I have cleared out the things in my life that no longer serve me where I am currently at, as well as anything else that does not align with the person I want to become.

My goal for this work is to help others build confidence in themselves, their spaces and their ability to make decisions. I have seen first hand just how beneficial decluttering and organizing can be for your overall quality of life.


Organizing the World, One Room at a Time.

10 Fun Facts About Me


I am obsessed with Taco Bell


I love Disneyland


I have pink hair sometimes


I didn’t used to like cats, now I love them


I have a Girl Scout Gold Award and I am a lifetime member of the Girl Scouts


I love archery but don’t make as much time for it anymore


I am a big Kacey Musgraves fan


I was a competitive cheerleader for 13 years, plus 2 years of competitive hip-hop dance


I lived alone in Denver for a year


I used to coach gymnastics and dance to kids


Life is Messy, but Your Space Doesn't Have to Be

Pink Fairy Storytime

How Mack Makes It Neat LLC Came to Be

The name for my business was inspired by the pink fairy from Sleeping Beauty. One of my favorite lesser known areas of the Disneyland park lies within Sleeping Beauty's Castle. It is the best kept secret spot to quickly escape the weather on extremely rainy or hot days. Inside the castle is a walkthrough display telling the story of Sleeping Beauty. It is full of tricks, music and stunning visuals.


At the very end of the walkthrough there is the book of Sleeping Beauty. The book is opened and the page is turned to a moment where the different colored fairies fight over what color to make Sleeping Beauty’s dress. Back and forth you hear the pink fairy exclaim, “Make it PINK!”, then the blue fairy declare, “Make it BLUE!”, on and on. Each time one of the fairies states their opinion, the dress changes colors from pink to blue. Being that pink is my favorite color … I obviously agree with the pink fairy.

Now in my daily life, anytime I see something spectacular that just so happens to be pink, I exclaim, “Make it PINK!”. So how did I turn that into my business name? Well … with much deliberation, web searching and phoning a friend, we jokingly took my catchphrase and thought of, “Mack Makes It Pink”. We knew that wasn’t quite right. Naturally we tried different ways to make that better. We then subbed the word pink for neat and that is how Mack Makes It Neat LLC was born!

make it neat!

Mack's Minimal Mindset

  • Is there a space in your home or business stressing you out?

  • It is estimated that having a functional, clutter free space can save 40% of your time!

  • I believe your surroundings should reflect who you are and the person you want to become.

  • Choosing what remains and what no longer serves you will create ease and weightlessness in your daily life.

  • After our work is done you will be left with more time, confidence and mental clarity.

  • Ready to see how living with less can benefit you?

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