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Mack Makes It Neat


professional organizing

I'm Mack,

let's make it neat!

Hello! I'm Mackenzie, some call me Mack!

I am the creative force behind Mack Makes It Neat LLC, and I'm here to transform your spaces with professional decluttering, organizing and styling services. I have an innate passion for bringing order to chaos and a knack for turning cluttered rooms into functional and visually appealing sanctuaries. I take pride in crafting personalized solutions to match your unique lifestyle and needs, ensuring that your space not only looks amazing but also works seamlessly for you.

Whether it's your home or workspace, I'm here to declutter, redesign, and add a touch of style, making your environment not only more organized but also more inviting. Let's collaborate, and I'll help you make it neat and stylish—because a well-organized space can truly change your life.


1. Consult

Wanna chat?

I offer a complimentary 30 min video call discussing the space(s) to make neat. During this time we will discuss the space you want to update, the current state of the space, your goals within the space and to set any other expectations in advance.

The process is simple

2. Clear

Is it time to start with a clean slate?

We will work to remove the items currently in the space and declutter as we go to make room for the items you love and you believe deserve to have a home/camp in your newly designed space.

3. Categorize

What kind of item is this?

During this portion of the process, we will determine which category each of your chosen items belong in. This is also where we will decide on micro and macro categories for the items you have determined to keep.

4. Camp

Where does this belong?

Now is the time we seek out the best place to camp/re-home the items you have carefully selected to keep. Camping is typically temporary and nomadic, the same can be said with our items. It may take some trial and error to find what works and that can and will change as we grow and evolve.

5. Contain

What can I put this in?

At this final stage in the process, we will now determine if the items we found a camp for need to be maintained in a better or different way. We will do this by first using/repurposing any containers you may already have, or by shopping for new containers to get the desired look and outcome of the space.

You’re one step closer to the sanctuary of your dreams!

Remember! We are evolutionary beings, which sometimes means our space should adapt to our current needs as we continue to grow and evolve. I am available for maintenance projects as an additional service offered exclusively to existing clients!



Complimentary Consultation

Let’s chat! We will jump on a 30 min video call discussing the space(s) to make neat

On-Site 1:1

Ready to dive in? We will work one on one on-site in the space to be transformed

Virtual 1:1

Got the skills? Want some extra guidance? We will work one on one virtually for 60 minutes

Moving Services

Need help with a move? We will work together to declutter and pack your current home, then unpack and style your new home

Organizing Refresh

Been a while? Need a different system? Present and previous clients! Does your previously organized space need a bit of a refresh and system evaluation?

A La Carte Services

Want to boost your experience? Consider our a la cart services!

  • Container Sourcing

  • Styling

She excels at organizing items in a logical way so that what I need is easily accessible and easy for me to maintain. She is professional, expedient and a delight to work with. I highly recommend Mackenzie for your next organizational project!
Mackenzie worked with enthusiasm as she cleaned and made something beautiful out of the space I have to store the bootcamp equipment. It has felt like a weight off my shoulders when I walk into the space each class and can find all of the things I need in the right exact spot. I highly recommend her business!
Mackenzie makes it fun and helps you accomplish the goals you set. Her optimism, expertise and energy has been very helpful so far in the areas we have tackled at my house. I have referred her to my sister and another couple of friends, and they find her amazing as well!


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